Chart-Topping Drum Fills

My latest drum project, Chart Topping Drum Fills, is now available at I want to explain a little bit about how this project might be useful here – just in case you might be wondering to yourself…”Hmmm…might this be something I should check out?!?!” Okay, maybe you don’t talk to yourself like that…but sometimes I do.

So if you are looking for light summer beach reading, like People Magazine or a romance novel, this is not the book for you. If you are a drummer and are looking for ways to increase your fill vocabulary and understanding of fills and fill placement – YES, this IS for you!

Chart-Topping Drum Fills is designed to develop your skills through sequential lessons with an emphasis on coordination, drum fill vocabulary, and a strong emphasis on drum fill selection – knowing what to play and when.

Every chapter is divided into 3 sections, Song Examples, Coordination Building Exercises and Composition.

The song examples show you the type of fill, in context first. I do that by giving you the transcription of fills from songs you have most likely heard. And then you can listen to them in their natural habitat on the REAL recording (not included – hey, these are big songs! I can’t get the copyright clearances for that stuff. Since they are hits, they are also easy to find – so go check ‘em out for yourself in your preferred musical locale! You can handle that…)

The Coordination Building Section is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to play and create the fills. This section has a progressive set of exercises created to help you with whatever type of fill that chapter is about. You might want to start in this section and then return to play the song examples later – either way works.

The final section, Composition, gives you a place to create and use the skills you have developed from the previous two parts of the chapter. The templates give you some guidance to help get you started.

If you’re currently working with a private drum instructor or have the reading skills to tackle the book on your own – awesome! If you don’t have a teacher or live in musical tutor or a personal drum guru, I have also created a video portion of this course where I demonstrate every single example and exercise in the book – check that for some help in seeing and hearing the whole dang book played. Now that took me some time, creating the videos…and I’ll admit I am no Spielberg, but you get the gist of the examples and fills and I think it’s pretty helpful if you don’t have someone close by to learn from. Plus I put a lot of nice photos of San Francisco in there, too, to look at between all that drumming…nice, right?!?!

The cool thing about this course is that depending on your learning situation; there are many ways to go about working with Chart-Topping Drum Fills. I really am proud of this book and video course and hope that it will be helpful for many drummers, for many years to come. Ba-da-dat…that’s all for now, folks!

Jennifer Carlson