4 Non Blondes Reunion Show

Hey and what’s going on? Well, something I thought might never ever happen – a reunion of 4 Non Blondes! Yep – we did get back together for one show in LA this past May and it was quite an adventure. It was really great to see everyone again and to play some music for a good cause. We played An Evening with Women, which is a fundraising event for the LA LGBT Center. Linda Perry has been involved with the event for years and asked us all if we would be up for it – Roger, Christa and I said sure thing…and in May we all met up in LA.



The show was a success and raised a record amount of money for the Center’s services for girls and women. I am glad to have been a part of that and it was good playing with Christa, Linda and Roger – all of whom are stellar musicians and still out there playing music and being the amazingly interesting and talented people they all are. We made some great music together and had some life-changing experiences many years ago and I really didn’t think we would ever play together again – so it was cool (and maybe a little surreal) to throw that unexpected bit of excitement into my life this year.



Linda Perry (lead singer of 4 Non Blondes) is now known as a songwriter/producer and is getting ready to launch her new TV series on VH1 mid-July. We were all interviewed for Linda’s VH1 Behind the Music episode, which will also begin airing this July. Christa is still playing the bass and now geographically based in the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas. Roger and I are still in San Francisco making noise, he sings and plays guitar in his band The Goldenhearts and various other bands around town.

Jennifer Carlson