Current Projects


Feature 1


Dawn has been playing live shows with this eclectic duo recently, including a West Coast Tour in 2017 and more tours and shows in 2018, including opening for X. ED features the always-engaging and effervescent Jane Wiedlin of the  legendary Go-Go’s and multi-instrumentalist Pietro Sraccia.

Dawn is half of the rhythm section for the live shows – the other half being her other half from the Mental 99, Joe Gore. Dawn and Joe and had many musical adventures together including tours with Tracy Chapman and their own experimental instrumental duo Mental 99.




Feature 2

Shana Morrison

Versatile and Powerful rockin’ bluesy vocalist

Dawn often plays shows with the multi-talented Shana Morrison around the Bay Area and beyond. Like her famous father Van Morrison, Shana is a powerful and expressive vocalist and talented songwriter. She blends many styles including blues, rock, country and pop genres which makes it a super-fun drumming gig!